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Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

I've seen Top Ten Tuesday on many of the blogs that I like. So I've decided to start doing it too! So every Tuesday y'all will be getting a brand spanking new list from me on whatever topic is given. Man I love making lists.

Plus this one is excellent because TV is my second love right after books (movies is probably tied with TV too but this post isn't about that so I'll shut up). I have been binge watching a lot this year too.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish!


(YES, I realize it is Wednesday. I was going to finish this last night but then I decided to go be social.)

10. How I Met Your Mother

It's funny because before the series finale this show probably would have made top five. But I still get enraged about that horrible painful hour of my life that ruined everything. Sorry if you liked it.

Anyway, the first 207 episodes are awesome. It's the story of Ted Mosby,

a hopeless romantic, telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. It quickly turns into a long (like nine seasons long) of hijinks between him, his past girlfriends, and his four best friends. The gang consists of Ted, his college roommate/golden sweetheart from Minnesota Marshall and his (slightly crazy) wife Lily,

Ted's first love interest Robin,

and Ted's eccentric "friend" Barney.

This show is like the funniest thing ever and I love love love it. When it's not being funny it's deeply real and serious. The lessons are good and not too forced and cheesy. Well...most of the time.

Barney is my favorite. 

9. That 70's Show


Although the first four seasons are my true favorites, this show is fantastic. All the characters are so wonderfully stupid and teenagers. Even the parents are hilarious. The basement, man.

8. Hart of Dixie

I'm just gonna warn you right now. I really like the CW. The CW is the television network of my dreams. They make the kind of sappy, intense shows that I love.

That being said Hart of Dixie is this cute little show about a doctor from New York who moves to Bluebell, Alabama to take a job there. She gets sucked into all the crazy town drama and romance. It's quirky and southern (two of my favorite things). It's a great destresser show.

7. Friday Nights Lights

What's better than an inspiration sports movie? Five seasons of an inspiration sports TV show.

Friday Night Lights is about football in the heart of Texas. The Dillon Panthers are the stars of the town and Friday is the most important night of the week. Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tammy do their best to coach the team on and off the field.

Not to mention the eye candy that is Tim Riggins.

We don't talk about the tragedy that was season two. Ever.

6. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is the show that I always look back at fondly at being so warm and fuzzy. That was on the CW also.

It's a drama that takes place in a small town in North Carolina where one man has two sons with different that are the same age. They rarely interact until their sophomore year when they both join the basketball team. Cue tons of family angst, friendship angst, romantic angst, and just some pure angst angst.

Plus Brooke Davis is the best.

Eternally team Brucas.

5. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and details the lives of some rich and snooty kids as they try to ruin each others lives and make theirs perfect. All the while the mysterious Gossip Girl puts out all their secrets to the whole world through anonymous texts and a blog. And it is wonderful. And on the CW.

It starts out during their junior year of high school when It Girl Serena returns from boarding school to find her best friend Blair isn't happy to see her again. This show is the best guilty pleasure out there. Season one and two are best because then they leave high school after that.

Ha I love Blair.

4. Once Upon A Time

I have very recently gotten super into Once Upon A Time. The first season was pretty meh. The middle of season two got going and my opinion changed drastically. May or may not be due to the appearance of Captain Hook.

Once Upon A Time takes place in Storybrooke, Maine. Due to a curse placed by the Evil Queen, all the fairy tale characters are forced to live in this town with no memory of their past lives. No one can enter or exit the time. The only one who can break the curse is Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. But she is pretty skeptical to believe even though her song Henry tries to convince her.

There is no way to describe this show without it sounding odd.

Every episode usually has a backstory plot line from the past that lines up with the current story line. It puts some interesting spins on some fairy tales and is pretty sweet. I'm not quite caught up yet.

3. Sherlock

Every episode of Sherlock is 90 minutes of thrilling detective bad assery.

It's a modern retelling of the classic detective in London. There's a new mystery every episode. It's intense and funny and sucks you in.

2. The Vampire Diaries

I judged this show harshly before I ever saw it. I was like, another vampire show? Another love triangle? How is this original at all?


This show is gritty and amazing. These vampires do not sparkle. These vampires are psychotic killing machines and dangerous. They do not lay in fields of flowers and talk about their feelings. They plan to murder their enemies and drink lots of bourbon. 

Although they do talk about their feelings quite a bit as well. It is a CW show.

1. Teen Wolf

AWOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (That was me howling, BTW) 


I judged Teen Wolf even more than The Vampire Diaries back in the day. An MTV show about werewolves?

But it's not like that at all. True, the first season is mostly like that. It has some pure cheese. But it also has some pure heart and horror.

If I had to categorize Teen Wolf I would call it a horror show. It's actually gory and there's lots of death. There's also lots of other supernatural creatures besides werewolves. There's kanimas, kistunes, nogitsunes, werecoyotes, werejaguars, windigos, and banshees. Not to mention the differences between alphas, betas, and omegas.

The main character Scott McCall is bitten one night in the woods while searching for a dead body with his best friend Stiles. His life is never the same.

A show with love, friendship, strangely acrobatic fighting, family, pain, loss, comedy, death and pretty much all the feelings you can think of. This show has it.

Moonday is the best day of the week.

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